Work Permits

The first step for required work permit in Thailand that foreigner must have Immigrant visa,which almost is Immigrant Non-B visa, or if there Immigrant Non-O (marriage visa), it can be done.
1. The company has a paid-up capital company 2,000,000 and If the Partnership limited Paid-up capital of Baht 2,000,000 to a foreigner 1 person both.
2. 4 Thai employees per foreigner 1 person and a Thai employee must have a minimum salary specified by the Thai labor law about 6500 Baht.
If foreigner have proof of marriage certificate with thai people.Register company paid-up 1 million and employee thai 2 person
3. The rate of national minimum wages are as follows.
3.1 Europe and Australia. Japanese, American and Canada, the minimum salary of 50,000 baht / month.
3.2 Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the minimum salary of 45,000 baht / month.
3.3 Citizenship of India, the Middle East, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, the minimum salary of 35,000 baht / month.
3.4 Burmese, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and North Africa. The minimum salary of 25,000 baht / month.
3.5 of newspapers. Minimum salary $ 20,000 / month
4. Must have Tax id and trader registered VAT.